About us

Our Programme is based on the NZ early childhood curriculum 'Te Whäriki' with four broad principle:

Empowerment: We are committed to empower our childen's so they can learn and grow through real experiences and experiments. This exploration support them to take risks, develop problem solving skills and nurturing strengths and talents. They build self-help, self-care and independence skills.

Family and Community: We value the importance of our whanau in our decision making and committed to involving the wider community in our programmes and activities.

Relationship: We encourge children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things. We support children to build positive relationships with others and develop an understanding of appropriate behaviour and boundaries.

Holistic Development: We support each child's individuality.
Parents and teachers are encouraged to look at the child's whole development, which includes emotional, physical, relational, intellectual, creative and spiritual.
To support children's growth without any limit of gender, age, ethnicity, ability or background.